Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hi All,

I have just had an email from Sue @ WRVS.

Here is the list of dates that the hall is NOT available:

16/02, 16/03, 19/04, 14/09, 16/11 and 07/12.

So that means in May, June, July and August we can use the hall every week!

On the 23/02 and 23/03 there is a group in the hall until 18.00 - that will not be a problem as I dont usually get there until 18.15.

Hope that you are all well. See you all next week.

Cathy xxx


  1. That’s great news, it would be nice to craft every Tuesday, instead of finding something different to do.
    With the extra crafters that are coming along now, we are now getting somewhere.
    I think it’s time to ask Jane if she would teach us some new techniques.
    We can ask Dawn from Stamping up to come along I think we all enjoyed our make and take last week.

  2. Hi

    I forgot October! We can use the all weeks then too!

    Great idea about Jane (Judy too, after her visits to Dawn Bibby studio!).