Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Our First Night at WRVS

Well girls I think you will all agree we have a lovely new venue - thanks to Cathy!!!! Although we were a few short tonight I think the atmosphere was great and wasn't it lovely to have so much space and light! Now we have more cupboard space we can relieve Annette of some of our stuff and many thanks to Jenny for lending us her stamps, punches etc.

Wendy and Jenny were very industrious tonight with their new Christmas card kit (I am sure we were all very jealous).

Thanks to you all for your get well wishes for Mum and I look forward to seeing you all next week.


  1. Hi

    I am glad that you all seem to like the hall.I shall email Sue in the morning and let her know! Yes you were right abot Wendy and Jenny's card kits - may have to wait list them myself! Hope to see some of you on Saturday or Monday! Will get a couple of extra keys and get them to Annette and Anne. May not see you all on Tuesday as may be at Teresa's going computerised for Slimming World!

  2. Looking forward to Saturday - lets pray for good weather!

  3. Did you all get Roxy text about saturday. no tickets needed, get there early head count to get in and it starts about 8.30. And just seen weather forcast and it looks good, so see you there.

  4. Hi

    Yes - I got text from Roxy.

    I have got 3 keys cut - one for Annette - Anne and Jenny.

    See you all on Saturday

    Cathy xx

  5. Yes got Roxy's text am going down to Cathy's about 6.30pm and we walk from there. Cathy said something about a fold up chair which sounds like a good idea.

  6. Look forward to seeing you all at Mamma Mia tonight, should be a good atmosphere. Dress warmly - with lots of layers!

  7. Wishing Sylvia a speedy recovery