Saturday, 29 August 2009

Anne send our love to Sylvia and wish her a speedy recovery.
Get well soon Sylvia.
Love Annette


  1. Will do my dear - see you Tuesday

  2. Hi

    I emailed Sue at the WRVS this morning. I let her know how happy we were to be there, gave her the numbers (she said that someone had locked the attendance sheet in the office!)

    I asked if she would like us to make a few cards for them to sell towards funds - and she said YES PLEASE!!!

    So we shall have to set a date aside to make a selection of cards for them.

    Looks like I will mot be there next Tuesday - but will make sure that I have a key done for Annette and Anne, and let them have them on Saturday (or Monday).


    Annette - can you let Rose know that the "Hairy Bikers" progamme based around Sussex is on on Monday next week.

    Cathy xx