Thursday, 27 August 2009

Farewell to another hall

Yes again we are on the move, we have moved venue more times then I have houses. Lets hope we can stay a little longer this time so remember ladies we have to be good at all times.
So next Tuesday we are at WVRS hall, South Street St Leonards, there is a car park at end of road and its free.
We have plenty of cupboard space so I will bring all our crafting bits even the bits that Jenny has lent us, so we will be well stocked.
The 3 Tuesdays which we are unable to have the hall we now have got others things to do 16/9 will craft at hall, 20/10 booze up at Wendy's no not really she is having a candle party, 8/12 we thought we would have our Christmas meal/booze up. So get your thinking caps on as to were you would like to go that night.
I have one last comment this is for the VETS of the crafting group ie JUDY and ROSE, next time you both sit and pamper a cat who is heavily pregnant can they at least make sure they have the right sex of the animal. As after talking to Jean this afternoon and saying we will miss the kittens being born she replied oh no not this one it's a TOM cat and he just eats to much, so thanks Rose and Judy that's another fine mess you got me into .
Enjoy the long weekend lets hope it will be sunny.
See you all on Tuesday


  1. I think that's hilarious, and they sounded like experts on the night!!! That's a great photo of us, can you e-mail me a copy???

    Looking forward to meeting at the new hall next Tuesday

  2. Hi

    Thats really funny!!!!! A tom cat!!

    Looking forward to seeing you all this evening!


    Cathy xxxx