Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Taplin centre

Well first night at Taplin it wasn't to bad, still need to look for another hall so get those thinking caps on.
Dont forget next week I will bring christmas stamps, and Wendy get practicing stamping as your club needs you. I will also bring any card we have.
Oh yes Friday night photos turned out ok. So now we will have to start thinking about a christmas bash.


  1. Hi

    Have been doing some research - have emailed Phil Scott about the Four Courts. I have also asked my friend Jon about the hall at the WRVS centre in St Leoanards (he works there) used there at the moment on a Tuesday by his other half who is doing self defence classes! Vicky actually want to do a Wednesday, so we may be lucky! I hae asked if Thursday is avilable if not. I have been looking at the internet and have found some numbers - may try them later in the week!
    That all from me! Happy crafting! Cathy xx

  2. Hope to hear all about it next week. First sunny day down here in Cornwall (Wednesday) so going to make the most of it. Missed crafting with you guys!

  3. Hi

    Jon trying to find out if we can have a Tuesday evening at WRVS - it is £15, can get in there at 1845 (may be able to get in earlier- will have to negociate!) Will let you know as soon as I hear! Not heard anything from Phil Scott re the Four Courts hall.

    Cathy xx

  4. Hi

    Had a light Workout today getting my stamping arm ready for next week.

    Wendy x

  5. Hi

    Success!! We can have the WRVS hall starting from 01 September.

    I have to email the lady with our requirements, will find out if there is space for our cupboards (Vicky thinks there is, but will confirm!). Have asked Jon if we can pop round there one night next week with him to look at the facilities.

    Its who you know that counts!!!!!

    Cathy xxx

  6. That is brilliant Thank you very much your a star. Prehaps we can so and see the hall next.

  7. Hi

    Will try and arrange it with Jon, you say when and I will see if he is available.

    Cathy xx

  8. Lets talk about it on Tuesday and we can arrange a day then.
    Where abouts is the hall?
    Have a lovely weekend hopefully it will be sunny one.

  9. Hi The hall is in South Street St Leonards, I was not at work yesterday and the lady who runs the clb has my work email - so will confirm all the details on Tuesday.

    Cathy xx