Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Crafting night

Well what a night Livi's birthday and didn't she do well with presents, and xmas stamping we were very busy beavers well apart from me I managed to stick two pieces of paper together. I think it was the disturbance of the cat, weather it would give birth there and then.
But luckily we had the Rose and Judy vets on hand. So when we return next week will there be kittens running around.
Had a drive round the new hall and for parking we will have no problem very quite round there, well we put a stop to that.
Enjoy your week and see you all next week. Keep looking at the blog as I'm still tring to get our picture on here.
Bye for now


  1. Hi

    I am glad you know where it is! Well I will find out! Have not heard from Sue (at WRVS) yet, but I'm sure that we will be ok for Seotember! Happy crafting!

    Cathy xx

  2. Hi everyone,

    Well all done and dusted for WRVS hall. Met with Sue on Friday. Jenny and Anne met me down there Friday afternoon and agreed that the room is very bright and airy and just what we need. We can only have the hall 3 Tuesdays a month, but that is better than nothing at all.

    I shall do a printed list and bring it with me on tuesday for the nights that are not available for the rest of this year.

    Next year will be the same - it will be the 3rd Tuesday of the month that will not be available to us. Unfortunatly we cannot get the hall on Saturdays.

    Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

    Cathy xx

  3. Fantastic!!! Great work Cathy.

  4. Hi

    Here is a list of dates that we cannot use the WRVS hall in 2009:
    15 September - but we can have 16th
    20 October
    17 November
    08 December.

    Will confirm 2010 dates when Sue has the list.

    See you all tomorrow - have printed a letter, which I shall bring with me tomorrow.

    Cathy xx

  5. Well done girls for finding us a new venue,so that we can stay together as a Tuesday night club. Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday - we missed Annette last week!

    Best wishes, Roxanna

  6. Hi All,

    Just a quick note to say that I will be there on Tuesday - just a little later than usual as I am going to go to WRVS hall to check that I know how to get in and out properly. I shall meet Vicky there at 1815, when she goes in to do her self defence class (if anyone wants to join, she is starting again Wednesdays in October!!!!!)
    See you all a little later xx