Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cupboards in situ at the WRVS

Hi everyone

Cathy, Annette and myself moved our cupboards to the new venue tonight (with the muscle of Tony and Chris (my son)). We are hoping to move stuff from Annette's to the cupboards soon. So we are all ready and set up for the new venue! Annette saw it for the first time today and she was impressed so I think we will all be very happy there.

I should also let you all know that Mum (Sylvia) was rushed to hospital yesterday, after visiting the GP he ordered an ambulance to take her straight to hospital. They suspected a cardiac problem but that has now been ruled out and they now think she has a infection and are doing lots of blood cultures to ascertain the type of infection so they can treat it with anti- bots. She looks a lot better today than she did yesterday so hopefully they can sort out what's wrong and get her on the mend soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the WRVS on Tuesday, if anyone is unsure where it is please let us know.

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